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The goal for most seniors is to stay at home during the aging process, but it can become difficult for them to stay safe, comfortable and independent. Luckily, it’s possible to help alleviate some of those worries and difficulties for your loved one!

When helping a senior stay in his or her home, there are many things to take into consideration, such as personal care, household chores, meals, money management and health care.

Tips & Tricks for Life as a Senior

There are many ways you can help make everyday life easier for the senior in your life.

Here are some tips that are worth trying out:

1. Rubber bands can make cups easier to grip. Wrapping some rubber bands around cups and mugs can make them easier for weak, shaky or arthritic hands to hold. Not only can this work for cups, but it also could be used on items like a toothbrush or pens.

2. Keep soap from falling to the shower floor with pantyhose. You can take an old pair of pantyhose and cut one leg off. Place the bar of soap in the foot area and then tie the top end to the shower head or a grab bar. This way, the soap is always in reach of your loved one and there won’t be the risk of it falling on the floor and making things slippery and dangerous.

3. Take steps to organize medications. Keeping track of medications can be difficult for anyone, but especially a senior who is taking multiple medications. Most seniors do best with a calendar or printed spreadsheet that helps log and visually tracks when their medicines are to be taken. Pill organizers are an excellent thing to have, and you can also make larger-print labels to stick on the bottles.

4. Round out corners on furniture. Look through your loved one’s home and find sharp furniture corners, such as those on counters, coffee tables or nightstands. You can then round out or soften those corners by adding stick-on corner guards or moldable putty that dries into rubber.

You’ll want to remember to do things like check on the mail to be sure bills are being paid on time and your loved one isn’t being scammed by anyone, check the fridge for healthy and up to date food and drink options and help keep the home organized and stocked in general.

There are many ways you can help make life easier at home for your aging loved one, with in-home care services being an ideal option. Executive Care of Richmond is here to help ensure your loved one remains comfortable and independent in his or her own home.

The role nutrition plays in overall health for seniors is something that is commonly known and documented.

Ensuring that your aging loved one is getting the right nutrients and proper amount of meals in daily can help minimize the risks often brought on by dehydration and improper nutrition.

Nutrition for Seniors

There are many nutrients that can be beneficial for seniors, not to mention necessary for optimal health.

These include:

  • Calcium and vitamin D. Both help maintain bone health, and a proper diet should include at least three servings of calcium-rich foods and beverages each day.
  • Fiber. This can help lower risk for heart disease and help prevent Type 2 diabetes, as well as help keep the digestive system running smoothly.
  • Potassium. By increasing potassium and reducing sodium intake, there can be a lower risk of high blood pressure. Instead of using salt, try flavoring foods with herbs and spices.
  • Vitamin B12. It’s not uncommon for those 50 and older to not get enough B12, but this can be helped through things like fortified cereals and fruit juices, dark green leafy vegetables and milk.
  • Fats. Not all fat is bad—the healthy kind of fats are found in things like nuts, seeds, avocados, olive oil and fish.

Choosemyplate.gov can serve as an excellent resource to ensure your aging loved one’s nutritional needs are being met through his or her daily meals and snacks.

Tasty, But Simple Meal Ideas

Not sure what types of meals can help provide the nutrients your loved one needs as well as being easy to make? There are plenty of excellent suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinner that will prove simple and delicious:


  • Warm oatmeal and berries
  • Hard-boiled egg with a side of fruit and slice of whole-wheat toast
  • Yogurt parfait
  • Whole-grain pancakes


  • Quinoa salad
  • Southwest omelet (ideal for breakfast or lunch)
  • Salmon wrap made from canned boneless skinless salmon placed on a whole-grain wrap with avocado, tomatoes, greens and plain yogurt


  • Shrimp and fresh greens, made with sautéed fresh veggies and cocktail shrimp that has been peeled, cooked and chilled
  • Beans and rice
  • Southwest chicken salad, made from boneless, skinless chicken breast that is cooked on a skillet with salsa

Cooking can be made easier by taking the time to sit down with your aging loved one and making a meal plan for the week, being sure to write everything down.

You can make it a family meal prep activity and prepare a week of meals so all that is needed is to remove things from the fridge and simply eat or heat up and eat. Most importantly, be sure to vary up the menu items from time to time to make sure boredom doesn’t pop up.

Making sure that your aging loved one is getting the nutritional meals he or she needs doesn’t have to be a concern with the in-home care services provided by Executive Care of Richmond. If you would like to learn more about our in-home care services, contact us to get the conversation started.

What People Are Saying About Us

I’d like to convey to you how wonderful the aide Afia is for my mother’s care. She has been with her since last January and has become more than just a caregiver. She truly “cares” and is skillful in her abilities. My mom has had several health situations and her current health has improved to the best she has been in several years. Both her doctor and my family attribute a large part of that to Afia’s care. She is diligent about her diet and sleep patterns, and her “toileting” issues. All of this has contributed greatly to my mom’s overall improved health and her peace of mind as well as our family’s peace of mind. We cannot say enough about her. We are also very satisfied with Executive Care all the way around, from the billing department and everyone we speak with on the phone, very courteous and professional.
Cindi E
It’s almost five years since we have been receiving caregivers through Executive Care, and I would like to take this transitional period to express our appreciation for the services you have provided thus far. We are particularly appreciative of the special attention and care Lili has given to our case. Lili has been very sensitive to our particular needs and it has been and remains important to us to have consistency in the arrangements by having Lili as our go-to person in light of Dr. E’s special needs. It is apparent that Lili has many other important responsibilities, so we wanted to thank Executive Care and Lili for the efforts she has made on our behalf.
Judge Naomi E
I have had business dealings with Executive Care for some time now and have invariably been very satisfied. The personnel have been considerate, trustworthy, capable and always responsive. They have provided a genuine physical and emotional lift to the patient, in my case an elderly, frail sister. I do not hesitate to recommend the organization for the services rendered.
Samuel S

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